Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

The Holiday

There is so much I could write about Thanksgiving, who I was pissed at, what was good, but I'm not. Because I just don't have the energy.

I will tell you about other things though. Okay, so first, we celebrated our "family" thanksgiving on the Sunday before due to that being the only time Scott has his boys and the fact he had to work on Thanksgiving day. So for the long weekend, I drove down to Orlando and hung with the parents and Amy. Mom made lasagna on the actual day o' Thanks, and it was DELICIOUS! Then we went and saw two movies.

IT was mom's idea to pay for one, then sneak into a second. I love her! I love how we've corrupted such a sweet nice honest woman to live on the edge a little. It's great. So we went and saw 4 Christmases, which was SO SO Funny. Vince Vaughn...hysterical. Reese Witherspoon...adorable. And then we snuck into Twilight. Now, everyone has been making this huge ass deal over the movie and the books, and I was afraid I would somehow get addicted and even though I've been wanting to find a series of books that entralled me the same way as Harry Potter, I just didn't feel like getting into this whole Vampire thing. But after seeing previews of the movie I figured it probably wasn't that graet and I'd be fine.

WRONG. The movie was incredible. Like, not even half way through the movie, I leaned over to my sister and was like, "OH MY GOD, I love this movie!" Just the most grabbing love story I've seen in a long time. I just love it. LOVE IT!

So, I want to see it again, and I also want to read the books. It makes me excited.

Friday the family went to Longhorn for dinner which was nice, and it was just a very nice chill day.

Saturday we went to Orange City to see my grandpa and have lunch with him to celebrate the holiday. The food was nasty and he, as usual, was bent on giving me and Amy a hard time about how we live our lives. Amy, who just like 3 wks ago, graduated from massage therapy school and is waiting for her licence to come in the mail so she can get a job, doesn't have a job right now. But will soon and will be making good money. But the fact she doesnt' have a job right now is reason to bring it up and ask her why she's being lazy. Nice.

Then myself, the almost 30 year old who as he puts it, "still doesn't know what she wants to do with her life." WE make him so proud! I don't give two shits at this point what he thinks. He's been that way my whole life, and I've learned to realize that he loves us, but that's just how he is. And he's not going to change now that he's 88 years old.

That night I really wanted to go out downtown becuase I haven't partied since my birthday really and I was kinda itching to get a little drunk. Well, a little drunk turned into TRASHED. I know that when I don't have to drive, and I get super excited about going out, that it ends up being me going overboard, but it was still a really fun night.

I wore heals which I never wear, and I danced for over an hour in them, perfectly fine. I never dance! It was great!!!! Then as we left the one club, I saw J.C. Chasez or however you spell his name, from the group Nysnc. I do not like that group in any way, but I thought, hey, a famous person. Plus I was drunk and my friend joanna loves them, so we got a picture with him. We thought we were the shit after that! LOL.

The last place we went I spilled water all over myself and broke my purse, and sat on a couch screaming, "Hey green shirt" to this guy wearing a green shirt that I wanted to say how cute he was too. But he never gave me any attention. OH well, I was a fool by that point.

The next day I had a horrendious hangover, and my dad not knowning, made me go wash my car with him. It was horrible. Washing a car with a hangover. Gross.

But now I'm back my home for the next 3 weeks, cause then it's back to ORLANDO for me. I'm so happy even though I'm going to miss having my own room and own bed.

Me and amy have to share a room, and until we get a second bed, I have to share Amy's. Not fun. But it's free, so I cannot complain.

Well, nothing new on the guy front. Always in search though.
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I can't believe your mom has turned into such a rebel!! She is so adorable!

Here I thought your sister was a teacher! That's awesome that she got her massage therapy certificate. Is your cranky grandpa your mom's father or your dad's? Don't feel bad about not living up to his standards. My grandma is so embarrassed that I don't have a husband. There is a girl who is my age who lives next door to my grandma. She's had one daughter out of wedlock with one guy and now has another baby on the way with a different guy. My grandma loves her. She's always buying things for the baby, crocheting blankets for it, and takes the little kid places. It makes me feel like a real failure.
Well my sister got suspended from UCF for bad grades, so she took that time off to enroll at Everest University to get her Massage therapy license, that way she can still go back to school for teaching if she wants to, and can make good money while she's going, and if she likes the messaging thing she can just stick with that.

It's my dad's father. He was rasied by a father who didn't show affection or positive reinforcement, it's a miricle my father is so sweet. Like, when I left this last time, he came and gave me a big hug, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you sweetie." How sweet is that? He just gets sweeter as the years go by. And I don't know how he got to be that way with his crotchity old father.

Uh, and you're def not the failure compared to preggy maggie. You have a degree, a job, and are very independant and lovely. No failure there.