Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

I feel like shit.

No. Worse than that.

And I'm trying to keep high spirits, but it's like, one minute I'm sweating. Then, I'm freazing and feel pukey. Then I feel okay for a minute and think, hmm, I could eat, so I eat something and then I feel like a huge ton of bricks has hit me and I go back to feeling like I'm going to barf, mixed with light headedness, and then cold. And UGH!!!!!

I so want to *watch out, major TMI* take a crap and then take a shower, but my roommate and her boyfriend are taking a shower right now (please let me vom over that too while I'm at it) so I have to wait while they finish their lovely flesh shower o' love before I can piss and shower. Nice.

Can I just fast forward to when I'm feeling good??? Pweese????
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"Lovely fresh shower of love"