Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

I've got the sickness.

I've got a cold. It's like that annoying tickle in your throat cold. Yeah, it sucks. So last night mom, dad, sister and her friend Doug and I went and had wings, and then Doug, Amy and I went bowling. That was a pretty good time although I suck at the game. I bowled a 98 and a 86. It reminded me of Brandon who I miss. Doug paid for the bowling which was nice. I jokingly said, "So what kind of favors am I going to have to preform for this," and he said, "Oh, only she (Amy) will have that pleasure." So that's sister!

Oh, and how about I am so freakin' retarded. In what I can only describe as a really really horrible drunkin stupor I text James...Pizza Hut James to tell him and I quote, "I know we aren't talking anymore but I just wanted to say that I still want to fuck you." Okay. Number one. I do not use the F word ever. Number two. No I do not ever want to F him. So why did I do this? And how about he texts me back in .025 nano seconds to tell me some bull about how he would love to do the same, but of course is working still everyday all day long, but should be done with all of that in a week or two so I told him to text me when he wasn't working non stop.

So, he texts me last night. How is that a week or two later. Of course its something nasty about his penis. Right. Thank you for all of that.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about nasty James. But I do want to talk about today. So this morning I had to wake up early and my dad and I went and picked up my grandpa, Louise and went to Palm Coast to meet up with my mom, sister and Scott, Jackie and the boys to celebrate grandpas 88th birthday. We ate at Perkins which was delish and it was so good to see Potticus. I miss my brother SO MUCH! Oh my gosh, I miss him. I cannot get over how badly I wish he was around more. Anyway, then me and Pappy took Grandpa and Lousie back home and I went back to my parents and chilled with the boys a little because my mom has them for the weekend.

I've been feeling so crappy lately so I left around 4 - 5 ish and came back to the aparment and washed some clothes and fell asleep around 6pm and slept until 11:30 which was so needed. I still feel like major SHIT! But I'm trying to watch a little SNL and finish up the laundry but I'm gonna go back to sleep and just take it easy tomorrow. I've got to cut carbs from my diet and excercise for 1 hour every day due to doctors orders from a health thing I don't really want to discuss, but it's moderately serious and could be majorly serious in another year if I don't do this, so it's a good thing because I'm basically being forced to do what I've been wanting to do for the past 10 years. I'm gonna finish eating the food in the house tomorrow which isn't much and then go shopping tomorrow and hopefully work out tomorrow and get this all started.

I'm even thinking of moving back to Fernandina Beach in with Scott and Jack over the summer becasue I need a change. I hate my job although it's paying the best of my life and I have nothing keeping me here. And like I said, I miss my brother. Plus Mykah doesn't need me anymore. He's got Steve and as long as I come visit once a month he'll be just fine! So things be a changin' for Lindsey and I think it's good things. Some bad shit is happening for some good things to come about, but isn't that how it usually how it works?

Okay, well, time to fold some clothes! Fun.
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