Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

Valentines Day

Hey everyone, look at me I'm actually posting a blog! I've been having the most TRYING two months but I'm hoping things are going to be better from here on out.

I won't go into all the crap that's been happening to me except to say that even my mom noticed and said, "Lindsey, you are under attack right now and I don't know why. Just keep praying and you'll get through it."

Well I forgot to pray and things just keep coming at me. Last Saturday Mike woke up feeling aweful as he had been feeling terrible for the past two weeks,chills, a cough, and just all around feeling bad, and started throwing up. He threw up for about 30 min straight green bile and blood so I said Thats It, we're going to the hospital. Turns out he had a fungal based phneumonia but they thought it could be TB or something really serious so they had in in an isolation room, everyone had to wear masks when they came in, and he was there for 6 days. My life consisted of being by his side the entire weekend, then going to work and going straight to the hospital, leaving around 11pm and going to bed, to do it all over again. Thank GOD my dad was available to pick him up when they finally let him out on Thursday.

Meanwhile while all of this was going on I was supposed to be getting our house ready for Mikes son Aiden. Nikki, his wife, finally came back to town (oh and get this she's having a second baby with the guy she cheated with mike on, NEXT MONTH!) Yeah so it's been fun but the great thing is that Mike gets to see his son again. And Nikki is making this big deal about how Aiden doesn't know mike anymore and she doesn't want to leave him with us until she feels Aiden is comfortable which is crap because she left her 16 mo old with her mom who hasn't seen him in over 6 months. Plus Aiden is so comfortable with Mike and his family.

Anyway, we got new carpet in the Aiden/Office room and I got all the office stuff put back in this week and then today my dad came by and put together the bunk bed I bought last year for Amy and I, and then a little desk for him. The room looks awesome and I cannot wait for Aiden to see it tomorrow.

I'm getting along well with Nikki right now which is good. She likes me but I've picked up she really hates Mike's mom so she doesnt want the grandma to be around. Of course once Mike finally files for divorce which is just around the corner, i'm sure we'll have aiden every other weekend and she cant do anything to keep the grandparents away if we bring him over.

Mike is feeling better but still Very Sick! He's on super strong antibotics and he gets winded really easily.

I am hanging on by a thread these days. I'm totally head over heals in love with Mike, but the combination of Mike's Dramas, work stress, and major money woes, I think I might just totally lose it and have to be put away.

The one thing that has been making me sad lately is that my Susie hasn't kept in touch with me for so long. I honestly think we've had one conversation sine I started dating Mike 11 months ago. She texted me around the New Year saying she would call becuase she was out of school til the 4th of January, but no call. I called her on her b=day to wish her happy birthday and got voicemail. Called around christmas and vm. I know she is SO busy with everything with school and life, but so am I. I'm busy every single day but I have time to stop for 30 minutes to speak with her but she can't seem to find the time. And I know she reads this so Sue I'm not trying to attack you or make you feel bad, I just feel like I'm losing you. You don't even know anything about me and Mike's relationship. I listened for hours when you and Wes were falling in love. So it just stinks. I miss you and wish you were more a part of my life now. I hope you're doing well though and I hope Wes is still making you happy.

Mike did very very well this Valentines Day. We were supposed to go to Red Lobster today but we had too much to do, so we're going next weekend. However, Friday I got the most beautiful glass vase of roses and carnations. The vase is glass with red all the way up but the bottom is clear so it just sparkles so beautifully. Everyone at work was so jealous. The card said, "I love you so much baby. THank you for being the dream that came true. Love, Mike"

Can we all say AWWWWWW. He's just SO the best. He's become by best friend and I just adore him so much. We laugh a lot and just are so comfortable with each other.

Carly, I was reading some of your entires. It looks like I need to give you a phone call to see what exactly is going on with this dude of yours. I hope you're not getting snowed in. But OH MY GOSH thank GOD someone finally sees that you are such a great teacher. That made me so happy to read. You deserve credit for being such a positive force in your students lives. THe exact thing a teacher should be. Someone to inspire them to be and do something great with their lives!

Jessica, thank you for the fun Hollywood Studio's trip. I still think about it and it was just so fun spending some time with you. WE need to do something together again really soon.

Love you all, Penna Lou, Sue, Car, and Jessica! Happy Valentines day to 4 AMAZING women! I just adore you all!!!!!!
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