Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

So super pissed!

Okay, so I know some people find online dating to be weird or impractical or just not a good idea, but in the world I live in, I don't get the opportunity to meet people like maybe some others might, and I think online dating is awesome. It allows me to put myself out there exactly the way I am, so that someone can come after me. They can see what I look like and read a little bit about who I am, and after chatting can decide if I'm someone they are interested in.

And because of it I've learned that there are some guys that really do like a bigger girl whatever that says about them I'm not sure, but there are lots of really good looking guys who are interested.

However, I'm finding it really really annoying that most of these guys who are into bigger girls, just want to fuck them in some strange and crazy way and that's all.

Like, every guy I've been with this past year has only wanted sex. That's it. And the majority of them were into such weird fetish crap that totally just turned me off.

So I signed up for this website called Plenty Of Fish. My friend Andrew mentioned it so I decided to try it out, and it's been really cool, or so I thought. Like yesterday this guy from Jacksonville started talking to me on their messager system and he was so hot. Tall, good shape, really attractive. So I was thinking wow, I love this. Only been on a few days and I'm already talking to cute guys. Well this one super hot guy from NYC messaged me a few times and was really interested. I was like, WOW! Because I was thinking, "How am I getting these super hot guys." I was so shocked and excited, and then today hes on yahoo msg and starts talking to me, and wanted to know if I really thought he was good looking. Once I said yes, he jumped right into what I would do to him sexually. Like, so I'm 5'9 145lbs, are you interested. I told him I was much taller and that if he didn't have a problem with it I didn't either. Then he asks if I would eat him up? LOL, whatever. He goes on to ask what my shoe size is, and says he has a foot fetish and wants me to put my soles all over his face. ??????

Yeah. So I asked him you know, seriously, is that how you talk to someone you've just met? And he got all bent out of shape that you know I should go throw out the word "hot" if I'm goign to judge them in 2 min because then I must not think he's that hot. And I told him I wasn't judging him, I just would have liked to know his name first before jumping into sexual fantasy's. He calmed down and continued to ask shit like, if I'd ever come to NY, and that he's submissive and wants to know if we were compatible.

So I asked him if that's the only reason he was on that site, to hook up with girls, or if he was looking for a serious relationship. He then logged off. LOL.

WOW. Okay so I know I've "lol"ed a few times, but it's not even funny. I'm so fucking pissed off to think that I'm only going to be wanted for some weird guys nasty sex fetishes. Just to fuck them and be done. Becasue I never get messages from normal guys. Just old nasty men, or these hot guys who just want me to me come to their house when no one is around, and sleep with them, and pretend I don't exist outside of their bedroom.

I don't need to date an extremely hot guy. Just a one I think is cute, that has similar peronality traits that I do, and who wants to be with me in public. I don't mind that they want to have sex with me. That's a good thing, I just want them to want more than that, and it seems like all I'm getting are lame as dudes who just want to screw.

It's also really weird, because these guys seem to have major self esteem issues. Like constantly asking if I think they are hot. I never ask a guy if he thinks I'm hot. I just assume if they're talking to me that they find something about me attractive. Why would I say, I think you're cute, and then not mean it. These stupid hot guys that are uber self concious need to go get a clue!
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