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The move in story

Okay, so I know I technically promised this yesterday, but oops. Forgot!

Basically this is the deal. Last Sunday I moved the rest of my stuff while returning my nephews to my brother. I was so emotionally, and physically, and mentally exhausted that I felt like it wouldn't matter what happened good or bad, my mood was going to stay the same, with no reaction except maybe a glance and then a shrug. Thankfully that ended once the children when back to their mother and I was able to put together a lovely computer desk and get connected with the internet via stealing wireless from some neighbor person.

Apparently the HOA here in the community gives you free wireless and free basic cable, but we don't have a wireless router, and I'm not sure how great my wireless thing is so it doesn't really pick up the signal well enough to use it, but some guy name "tater" has a signal just perfect for me to use. It could be faster but for the time being it works.

I still need a dresser and a tv stand, which means my clothes that don't get hung up are on the floor of my closet, but other than that I'm completely set up and ready for business.

I thought for sure I would be enjoying the time off and would want to not work until August, but that's proven to be a really horrible idea. I'm so BORED! I thought I was getting my commission check this Friday but it's not coming until next Friday so I'm completely broke. And to prove to you what I mean by broke, I have less than a quarter tank of gas, I have .92 cents in one of my accounts, and 1.58 in the other. And I have two dollars in my purse! WEEEE! Yay for no money!!!!! So I'm starting Domino's on Monday. I need to pay a bill ASAP and I need money for food, especially since Scott and Jackie leave tomorrow morning for a week vacation to TN with her family. There's enough food in the kitchen to last me 2 or 3 good days, but after that, I'm starving people, and we just can't have that.

So what have I been doing on these free days of mine? Well, let me tell you how productive I've been. The first few days I actually did things like clean, and organize, and straighten up. I haven't been able to pay Scott and Jackie the first months rent yet due to no commission check, and I want to let them know that I will contribue in other ways as well, even if money isn't always readily available, so I cleaned up their house, washed their clothes, folded, them...they were working crazy hours to gear up for their trip so they apprecaited it. I also cooked dinner one night for me and Jackie, and got us free pizza another night.

But, the most important thing I've done while here the past 6 days has been to watch The Office. I've known about the show for a while, and I knew I'd love it, I just never had time to sit down and start from the beginning, so since Jackie has every episode except for 2 on DVR I have been watching all day every day. And tonight, at approximately 11:47pm I watched this seasons finale. What a great show! I love it! I love it! I want to marry it!

Fave characters: Fave couple: Jim and Pam (love jim) Fave solo: Dwight and Kevin

Michael annoys the hell out of me and in the first season I wanted to kill him. GO into the tv and tell him off and punch him in the balls. He's less embarrassing and uncomfortable now, so it's more funny, but gosh he's such a douche. And somehow I still love him. Dwight though, I love him. When he is annoying, I love him more. Andy is a dill and I hate him. I hate Kelly she should die. Phillys is also a close second for faves and Angela is only good when she's with Dwight, other wise shes the devil.

I love this show!!!!

Well, I know that wasn't super interesting, but there you go. OH, and I saw Dark Knight last night and it was SO AMAZING. You know when someone or everyone starts talking up a person or movie it gets old and you're like whatever, it can't be that great...well this movie is that great. More specificially, Heath Ledger is that great. I teared up twice during the movie because of lines The Joker said that alluded to death, or forever living made me think of the fact that of course, Heath Ledger is no longer here. It sucks that he's gone for so many reasons, but he did such an amazing job. Everyone should see the movie.

And well, thats all my loves!

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