Lindsey (imafanson) wrote,

What What?!

Okay it's 7:43 in the am and I tried so hard to sleep in but my stupid body is set on Staples time and it's going to take a bit of time to break out of it.

Anyway, this will be brief as I hope to lay back down and slumber a little longer, but the 4th was really good. Nothing like last years 4th which was the best vaca ever. But this one was pretty nice. The boys are more darling than ever, we got to have a pretty fun house party for my brother's 26th birthday, I was forced to do a keg stand and drink beer that I don't like, but I did it and it was fun! I'm currently dying to just make out with any cute boy available. And this is my last week here in Orlando before the final move.

Half of my stuff is already in Jax. My nephews are here this week, and I'm watching them part of today, then going to Phoenix (bar not city) to do the Karokee thing like I use to do with Mykah every Tuesday for ages. It will be my farewell time to that whole era in my life.

Then Wednesday I'm going to Tampa to hang out with Andrew and that should be a good time. Then Thursday and Friday the boys are coming to my apartment to help me throw away trash and pack up, while also swimming and watching movies. Oh the life of a child in summer!

Then Sunday it's time to say goodbye to all the MIC-KEY MOUSE! Bye Orlando!

I'm actually more nervous now than excited because I got to stay in my new room all weekend, and I can tell there might be some tense moments in my new arrangement, but we'll see how it goes. Nothing is permenant or final, but this is definitely a new chapter.

I'm going to try to see as many friends as possible before I leave. I def have to hang out with Jessica and Jamie before I leave, but I also promised Manuel (this guy from work) I'd take him to dinner for his birthday. So, I don't know how I'm going to juggle it all, but we'll see.

Okay, that's all for now. Love you all!!!!!
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